Сестрёнка (2019)

Drama / War • 94 minutes
Starring: Arslan Krymchurin Marta Timofeeva Yusuf Rakhmetov Ilgiza Gilmanova Sulpan Abdrahimova Rauis Zagitov Vitaly Saliy Nazhiba Iskandarova and others.
Director: Aleksandr Galibin Screenplay: Aydar Akmanov Story: Mustay Karim Director of Photography: Mikhail Agranovich Producer: Dmitry Fiks Mikhail Kurbatov Editor: Igor Medvedev Music: Ilya Dukhovny
Released • September 19, 2019

How many Yamil remembers himself, war has always been. He is very much waiting for it to end - after all, then the father will return, whom the boy knows only from photographs and letters. One day, Mom leaves for a distant city and brings the silent girl Oksana with her. Mum transmits the order of his father to take care of Oksana, as if he was a little sister ... A film adaptation of the story “The Joy of Our Home” by the classic of Soviet literature Mustay Karim.

A.K.A. DE: Сестренка  ES: Сестренка  FR: Сестренка  PT: Сестренка  RU: Sestrenka  US: My Little Sister