Lost Together (2019)

Comedy / Romance • 90 minutes
Starring: Vasily Brichenko Elizaveta Kononova Yan Tsapnik Anna Ardova Aleksandr Samoylenko Artem Markaryan Nikolay Fomenko Nadezhda Sysoeva and others.
Released • August 22, 2019

Novice journalist Nina, in pursuit of a sensation, goes to an uninhabited island where, according to rumors, a millionaire lives a reclusive. The launch with a film crew falls into a terrible storm, and Nina regains consciousness on the deserted shore. Fortunately, this is the island that she needed, which means that she was in the safe hands of the young and handsome hero of her report. But only Nina still does not suspect that in fact it is her colleague, a local journalist who just needed a hot topic, and he invented it. And he doesn’t understand anything about survival ...

A.K.A. DE: Difficulties of Survival  ES: Difficulties of Survival  FR: Difficulties of Survival  PT: Difficulties of Survival  RU: Трудности выживания  US: Difficulties of Survival