Elephant (2019)

Comedy • 80 minutes
Starring: Aleksey Guskov Ekaterina Belova Vladislav Shkerin Ekaterina Baygozina and others.
Director: Alexey Krasovsky Screenplay: Alexey Krasovsky Director of Photography: Sergey Astakhov Producer: Aleksey Guskov Sergey Selyanov Editor: Artem Baryshnikov Original Music Composer: Artem Fedotov Dmitry Selipanov Mikhail Morskov
Released • September 19, 2019

In the center of the plot children's writer Valentin Shubin, accustomed to live in seclusion. His books about the elephant Mishka, written in his youth, enjoyed great success both at home and abroad. A series of random events causes a new surge of interest in the personality and creativity of the writer-introvert. Adults and young readers waiting for new books, but Shubin them does not want to write.